Our Story

"Our firm has engaged Smith Harris on multiple occasions on behalf of all of our clients and we do so because of their thoroughness to detail, ability to meet timelines and very personable attitudes from everyone in the company.  They ultimately create smoother transactions which in turn greatly assists our clients and us."

Jim Thorp
Keystone Partners, LLC´╗┐

Our Story

A work environment is more than walls, doorways and offices. It is the backdrop to daily life and the platform for core business functions. Designed well, a work space can actually energize employees, streamline operations and boost productivity.

At Smith Harris Design Associates, we’ve been designing innovative and functional work interiors since 1991. Through our proven, systematic approach, we ensure a thorough understanding of each client’s individual needs, then navigate a smooth course through planning, implementation, construction, and move-in. Our goal is to deliver the ideal combination of creativity, performance and cost-efficiency. The end result? Interior spaces that truly work.

Our vision comes to life through a team oriented approach. From the beginning we welcome clients to actively participate in the design process. As the need arises, we also partner with other professionals to create a fully customized team. From programming to move-in, our services encompass it all. We consistently exceed expectations and in doing so we develop long-term relationships.

Our client list is extensive, spanning industry areas that include medical, government, education, corporate, retail and specialty. With a focus on our client's individual needs, we have built long-term relationships throughout the Charlotte region. Contact us today and let us develop a plan that works for you.

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